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Bratko Bibic

Bratko Bibič is a man, whose professional affinity is a kaleidoscope of music, culture, civil society, real life and theory, activism and structural transformations. He is an instrumentalist, composer, a scholar, philosopher, writer and an overall critic. His research projects and theoretical explorations examine cultural infrastructure; structural placement (political, social and spatial) of alternative culture within contemporary cultural trends, cities and relations of different groups toward it; the forms of cultural management in changing European context; culture as a means of social development… He has also been working on strategies of cultural development of Ljubljana and Slovene national cultural policy recommendations. In 2003, he has published a study, which is a result of a research project »Spatial Problems Encountered by Independent Cultural Groups« conducted in 1998–2000 by the Peace Institute Ljubljana. In this work, »The Noise from Metelkova. Ljubljana Spaces and Culture in Transitions« (2003), the author examined problems related to the allocation of working space to independent cultural groups, because the non-possession of working space is one serious structural problem with which these groups have been continually grappling. Several examples presented in this study illustrate the inferior position accorded to non-institutional cultural production within urban and national cultural policies, in which independent production is marginalized or treated as non-culture.