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Fazette Bordage


After studying musicology and psychology, and hosting a musical magazine on FR3 television, in 1983 Fazette Bordage was instrumental in refurbishing a warehouse Confort Moderne at Poitiers as a multidisciplinary art venue with cultural activities for young people and emerging artists. In 1986 Confort Moderne became a member of the Trans Europe Halles, which she coordinated from 1994 until 2000.

She was then instrumental in the opening of »Mains d'Œuvres« in January 2001, a 4 000 m2 centre dedicated to citizen and artistic practices and researches, in Saint-Ouen near Paris. In 2001, along with her team, she established a resource and information platform called »Artfactories« for independent multi-disciplinary art spaces which are born from citizen and artistic projects. She coordinated both projects until march 2008 when she joined the Institut des Villes to manage the interministerial project »New Territories of Art«, which was created to meet the recommendations of the report « A new step of cultural action ».