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Anabela Angelovska

Anabela Angelovska lives and works as an artist in Hamburg, Germany. She is co-curator of the artist-run space "Hinterconti", member of the theory group "Frontbildung" and co-publisher of "WSW Reader #2".

Frontbildung is part of the "Association for Contemporary Art Hamburg". Under the title "Wir sind woanders – We are somewhere else" around 30 artist-run spaces from Hamburg organize jointly the protest and various activities (symposiums, festivals, lectures) against the drastic cut-backs in the funding of Hamburg’s artists.

The theory group Frontbildung was founded in 2007 by Karin Haenlein, Rahel Puffert and Anabela Angelovska. With the aim of inspiring, deepening and expanding critical (self-) reflection and the discussion of cultural policy conditions of Hamburg´s cultural practitioners, Frontbildung organizes talk- and discussion-series and (lecture) performances. In the past 5 years the Wir sind woanders context has changed from a singly cultural into a more and more political plattform and the theory group Frontbildung can be seen as a discoursive unit within this process.

Anabela Angelovska works in cooperation with Nora Sdun and Michel Chevalier on the second documentation of the process of the Wir sind woanders aktivities. The "WSW Reader #2" will be published in February 2010.