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Alliance for the Center for Independent Culture and Youth

Alliance for the Center for Independent Culture and Youth is Zagreb based cooperation platform that gathers NGOs, art organizations, informal groups and individuals. Main goal of the Alliance is to foster development of independent culture and youth self-organizing through various activities: art and cultural programs such as Operation:city (for instance:, international conferences (like:, and regular public discussions. Alliance is initiator and one of the co-founders of Zagreb Center for independent culture and youth, a public institution that  provides basic services and manage infrastructure for programs of independent cultural and youth organizations and groups.

Alliance started as informal platform in 2005 when it initiated advocacy campaign for improvement of the position of both sectors. Alliance founders are two national networks (Clubture, network of independent culture, and Croatian Youth Network), organizations gathered around local collaborative platform Zagreb – Kapital of Culture 3000, and three non-profit clubs (MaMa, Mochvara, Attack!). The Alliance was registered in 2006. At the moment it has 23 active organizations in its membership.