Program / SOLAR PULSE MUSIC: Jucifer (USA) & The Canyon Observer (SI) & Void of Sleep (ITA)

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Čet 17.10
Dvorana Gustaf
Prispevek: 3€
Pričetek ob 21:00

SOLAR PULSE MUSIC: Jucifer (USA) & The Canyon Observer (SI) & Void of Sleep (ITA)


JUCIFER (USA, Nomadic Fortress) - 17/10/2013, dvorana Gustaf, Pekarna

Dvorana Gustaf predstavlja Jucifer, sludge/doom metal duo, katerega koncerti so izjemno heavy in glasni, medtem ko jenjihov live zvok primerljiv z Melvins, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Neurosis, Morbid Angel, Acid King and Sunn0))). Welcome!

Alternative Press
"Jucifer wield a Sleep-like density and enough metallic power to jostle Ozzy back to sanity"
"As anyone who's borne witness to their earth-shattering, boundary-smashing sonic rituals
can attest...Shit's intense"
High Times
"Delivering their trademark bone-crushing stoner metal riffage through a towering wall of
"[Jucifer] pioneered the two-piece line-up long before it was considered popular or even
feasible, especially considering the supremely heavy sludge they create. The level of
oppressiveness and the angularity of vocalist/guitarist Amber Valentine's riffs are on par
with, but predate, those of modern doom frontrunners"
"[Jucifer] have for nearly 20 years deafened the ears of all who see them live with a full-on
assault of sludgy metal, even when their recorded output mined a more diverse path."
Las Vegas Review-Journal
"On their records, Jucifer is a dynamic duo: Pastoral pop, elephantine doom, spectral folk
and buzzing psychedelia all figure into the band's by-turns-savage-and-serenerepertoire.
Live, though, the band sprouts tusks and buries them in a loud, guttural churn
that makes them one of the more overpowering live acts making the rounds. Wear
earplugs or you could end up wearing a hearing aid instead."





The Canyon Observer je petčlanska osrednjeslovenska zasedba, ki se zateka predvsem k post-metalskemu zvoku, a ga para na svoj način z eksotičnimi oznakami kakršni sta sludge in atmosferični noise. Več o bendu tukaj:

Italijanski Void of Sleep, formirani leta 2010, preigravajo kompleksno sludge, stoner, prog mešanico; ali kot sami pravijo: "Sounds like a shot of whiskey and LSD straight down your throat!"