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Fri 6.12
Dvorana Gustaf
Starts at 9:00
Radost obrata


The Initiative for city-wide assembly (IMZ) is hosting a plenary meeting of all uprising groups, non-government organizations, active in the field of direct democracy, socially and politically critical groups and their sympathizers.

The meeting is going to take place in Maribor, on the 6th of December 2013, in cultural center Pekarna, Gustaf hall, Ob železnici 8. The aim of the gathering is to present and share different views related to alternative social structure. The first part is going to take place in the form of two discussions on the subject of participatory budgeting and advocacy, where we will try to find possible ways and solutions to these issues, followed by a plenary meeting, where the participants will discuss ongoing practices in the field of active citizenship.

Therefore we ask you to confirm your attendance untill November 25th and give us the estimated number of participants. Please let us know if you require sleeping arrangements. Stands will be made available if you wish to present your publications or other materials. Lunch will be vegan. Press will not be present.

Due to international nature of the event, discussions will be held in English language. Translators will be available, if required.


Iniciativa mestni zbor
+386 40 552 199  




9:00 Arrivals and coffee


10:00-12:00 Discussion: Advocacy in NGO | Rene Suša

The main emphasis will be on the different forms of advocacy and their

specifics. We will discuss the different advocacy approaches when working

with media, political decision makers and about organizing public campaigns.

Some analytical tools and tools for the development of advocacy strategies will

be presented.


12:00-14:00 Discussion: Participatory budgeting | Matic Primc

Participatory budgeting is a concept of governance which directly includes the

citizens into the process of city-governance. Its aim is to reduce the number

of intermediary steps between implementing the needs of the citizens, while

simultaneously making a direct democratic principle, which reflects the public

will in the public services a reality.

Such a method of public governance has several advantages: people can directly

influence the process of answering the needs of their local community, due to a

greater level of transparency citizens have greater confidence in their decision

makers, public spending is more cost effective while increasing people's self-
reliance, self-confidence and sense of solidarity.


14:00-15:00 Lunch break


15:00-18:00 Plenary assembly

Format: Each participating group will make a short presentation about

themselves and their activities. Then we will try to find common goals.

The short-term goal: a joint public declaration,

The long-
term goal: creation of new networks, to

reinforce the existing ones, as well as creation of

inter-group connections for possible future



18:00-21:00 Break

The reason for the prolonged break are several

lectures that are taking place in Maribor at that

time, and would be interesting for participants. The

other reason is that Gustaf hall needs to prepare

technical means for evening events.


21:00-5:00 The fun bit


21.30-23:00 Tadej Vesenjak

Vesenjak is a singer-songwriter from Prlekija region. He is a three-time laureate

of the singer-songwriter festival KantFEST and participant of Lent Festival

2007 and 2008. His songs are lyrical, worldly, socially critical and humorous.

Musically, he uses a combination of folk and blues traditions with a strong rock



23:30-1:00 Stari pes (hard funk)



All hairy and soaking and wet

arising from the mud as he hissed

like a phoenix all-mighty

all over the commune he pissed

everyone is watching him

he is aged and always drunk,

oh, that blooded ancient dog

the keeper of all the truths



1:00-5:00 Dj CiguleMigule (Radio Marš) and democratic karaoke