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MARIBOR (SLOVENIA): 07. - 09. 09. 2012

NIEPOŁOMICE (POLAND): 05. - 07. 10. 2012


     Stoptrik IFF is an event dedicated exclusively to the art of stop motion animation. Festival, organized for the first time in August 2011 in Maribor, has gained an interest among the professionals, media and audience. During three days Stoptrik presented over 50 stop motion diverse animations - from masterpieces of Jan Švankmajer and Brothers Quay, through winners and laureates of international film festivals, to independent, experimental productions and pioneering films from the beginning of XXth Century accompanied with live-music. Special selection of Stoptrik 2011 most intriguing films was presented in Košice (Slovakia), during Animateka and on International Animation Day in Budapest. Stoptrik IFF is a partner festival of Animateka, Se-ma-for Film Festival, Krakow Film Festival and Etiuda&Anima IFF.


       This year international celebration of stop motion is going to last for the whole month! Stoptrik 2012 will take place in two locations - in Maribor (September) and in Polish city Niepołomice (October). MARIBOR AUDIENCE will have an opportunity to give its own AWARD for BEST STOP MOTION film. The theme of Stoptrik 2012 selections and additional events will be "Slavic Panorama" therefore the program will include selection of contemporary Slavic productions and retrospectives of animations made in the countries of former Yugoslavia, Poland and Ukraine. Stoptrik 2012 will host a special program of its partner, Etiuda&Anima IFF, "Polish School of Animation. Its Satellites and Continuatros" within the selection of best stop motion from 1958 - 2010. Numerous additional events are planned - panel discussion about condition of production and distribution of animated films in Slovenia, professional workshops and everyday VJ parties. All the events will take place in  Kino Udarnik and Gustaf Hall (Pekarna) and Polish part will be held in Małopolskie Centrum Dźwięku i Słowa (Center of Sound and Word of Małopolska).



1st STOPTRIK IFF: MARIBOR 26 - 28.08.2011


Stoptrik International Film Festival is a brand new initiative created by the members of centre of alternative culture, Pekarna - magdalenske mreže. Maribor introduces international film festival dedicated exclusively to the worldwide art of stop motion animation. The uniqueness of stop motion genre lies in combination of reality and illusion. Three dimensional objects photographed frame by frame are brought to life by the appearance of movement - the very essence of cinematique experience.


Stoptirk fills the niche which has been noticed by the artists and professionals. The organizers have received an enthusiastic feedback from authors and promoters from all around the world who have underlined the importance of this specific genre among other animation techniques.


The idea of Stoptrik Festival has grown due to our common belief that one can still sense the undeniable power and magic inherent in the stop motion. Despite of current popularity of digital, 3D animation, viewers and artists still come back to this genre. First experiments in this area started approximately 100 years ago. Since then stop motion has developed into highly appreciated art form.


The organizers of Stoptrik IFF aim to share with the viewers the greatest achievements of stop motion art and highly professional, contemporary films which haven't been yet worldwide recognized as well as present the winners of partners' festivals  (Animateka, Se-ma-for FF, Krakow Film Festival, Etiuda & Anima IFF).